Ramand is the name of a beautiful mountain and region that is located near to factory called Ramand Green Crisps; since, we have lived in nature and love natural products. Thus all products that are processed and packaged in our complex, are completely natural and pure. We believe in God who created everything in nature and in case of requirement to any additive, he would add it. Ramand Green Crisps is the name of a factory; nevertheless, it is a complex with total area of ten thousand meters and nearly five thousand meters production and work space by having nearly 60 different types of agricultural and garden products that are packaged and produced. In fact, this is the greatest agricultural industry complex through being supported by several agricultural farms with area of 2 thousand acres that produces remarkable amount of strategic agricultural crops and required raw materials annually. Publishing several journals, holding several seminars, publishing hundreds of articles and producing hundred hours of documentaries, investment on different sport fields are among our cultural products that are offered through domestic and international networks.