Inspection: Any type of waste materials including: Branch, gravel, materials polluted with mould and pest should be removed from healthy product

Inspection Before Washing: At this stage all fruits are put on conveyor belt and while moving the faulty fruits having stain and physical damage are separated

Washing and Disinfecting: Product is transferred to basin for initial washing and is remained in basin for enough time and then is entered into second basin consisting of water and authorized disinfection with recommended ratios announced on behalf of authorized officials

Inspection After Washing: The washed products are spread on conveyor belt in order to dehydrate and are checked for their quality repeatedly

Peeling and Elimination of Unwanted Parts: In case of having stain, physical damage, changing skin color, the unhealthy parts of fruit is separated rotten and inedible parts

Crushing: The washed and separated fruits are cut according to required size

Drying: After completing aforesaid stages, the product is entered into drier and is exposed to warm and dry weather that its speed is in compliance with type of fruit for being dried

Sifting, Handpick and Polis (Cereals): At this stage all foreign objects, gravel, the physical damaged seeds and dust are separated from cereals and the product is ready for packaging

Heating (Dry Foods): At this stage the dry foods after going under inspection and separation are entered to heating machine for being heated adequately

Packaging Process:

Packaging Final Product: The dried and processed product is transferred to place of packaging and inside of machine upon being distributed is packed at authorized, appropriate packages according to standards of foods.

Preparing Raw Materials: Whereas diversity and volume of processed products at Culture-Industry Nature Complex of Ramand, the great section of raw materials of gardens and farms are supplied by lands under culture by Shahroud plains that are directly transferred to factory for being processed and those class of products and raw materials that due to their specific climate conditions are not able to be cultured at these farms, are produced within lands with suitable climate condition and high quality for producing and supplying raw materials. 

Different Type of Packaging:

All of the manufactured products are cultures at Ramand complex within 4 types of packaging including: large, small, cylinder, bulb cellophane and pre-fabricated dish. It is to be noted that products that are used as raw material in other industries may be delivered on bulk or powder basis