More than 33 years record of activity by board of founders of this company named Mr. Mohammad Ali Inanlou and Shokrollah Inanlou lead to offering new plan and assisting to life expenses of farmers and earning enough money for future of children and creation of relationship between culture and industry. Thus, through following up this goal we announce our readiness for assigning land and water with easy and simple condition to the respected farmers and their families. Other activities of this complex are including: producing different type of what, barley, beetroot, vegetable garden, different type of vegetables all arund the Qazvin province (Boein Zhra city and Esmat Abad village) and Semnan province (Shahroud city) and producing different type of raw materials in famrs
Water Irrigation Projects of Akbarabad Farm:

Total Area: 312 acres
2 wells with 6inches
Surface culture by wheat at agricultural year 2010-2011: 110 acres
Surface culture by barley: 1.5 acres
Surface culture by brassic napus L: 5.7 acres 
Surface culture by vegetable garden: 2.12 acres
Fallow land: 2.132 acres
Altitude from sea: 1061m2
6 inch pipe with length of 13886m2
8 inch pipe with length of 1246m2
Shahroud village (Ghaleno)